Understanding Tooth Extraction

December 18, 2017

Damaged or decaying teeth are usually treated conservatively by dentists. However, if there is so much damage that the tooth cannot be repaired, an extraction may be necessary. It may sound frightening, but the procedure is safe and will save you from pain down the road.

There are many different reasons you may need tooth extraction in West Loop. These reasons include wisdom teeth, baby teeth that don’t come out in time, having extra teeth which block others, or an infected tooth. At Washington Dental Care, we want to make the process as pain-free as possible, and want our patients to know as much as they can about their upcoming tooth extraction.


Before beginning, we will take an X-ray of the area to create the best possible tooth removal plan. It’s important to provide your full medical and dental history including medications.


Good news, you won’t feel much. In order to make sure you feel minimal discomfort during your tooth extraction your dentist will anesthetize your tooth and the bone and gum tissue around it. The anesthetic is administered as a shot so you are likely to feel a pinching sensation. If the tooth is broken off at the gum line or not in the mouth yet, you will need a surgical extraction. This procedure requires more anesthetic, which our dentist will discuss with you.

Tooth Extraction West Loop

With a simple extraction, your dentist will loosen the tooth with a device called an elevator. The dentist will then use a forceps to remove the tooth from your mouth. A surgical extraction requires a small incision into your gum. The tooth may need to be cut in order to be removed and in some cases bone around the tooth must also be removed.


After your tooth has been pulled, a blood clot will form in the socket and your dentist will use a gauze pad to help stop the bleeding.Your dentist will send you home to recover with instructions that will help you recover quickly. You’ll want to take painkillers as prescribed and avoid activities that inhibit healing such as smoking. Limit your overall activity for a couple days as well.

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For tooth extraction in West Loop, call the experts at Washington Dental Care today. We’ll make sure that your tooth extraction in West Loop is as comfortable as possible. Dr. Peter Hammes has years of experience and is the right dentist for you. Call today at 312-624-8070.

Tooth Extraction West Loop, Chicago, IL


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