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Tooth-Colored Fillings in Chicago, IL

Dental fillings are used to restore the health and function of decayed and damaged teeth. Tooth decay can cause holes or voids in the teeth which can compromise on the strength of a tooth. These need to be filled in to restore the tooth structure. The purpose of a dental filling is to close spaces where saliva, food particles and bacteria can enter the inner surfaces of the tooth. The office of Washington Dental Care provides top-quality tooth-colored fillings as well as amalgam fillings.

Also known as composite fillings, tooth-colored fillings are made using a mixture of quartz or glass filler in a resin medium. They are specifically designed to endure moderate chewing pressure and are highly durable and immune to fractures.

The process of treating the teeth with composite fillings starts with the removal of any decayed portions in the tooth. Once the tooth has been cleaned, a composite material that matches the natural color of the tooth is applied. The filling is shaped and then hardened with the use of a special dental curing light. It is then buffed and polished to give a natural appearance to the tooth. After placing the filling, we make sure that your bite is proper.

Just like any restorative dental procedures, good oral hygiene is absolutely vital in order to make sure that your fillings last for a long time. Regular brushing and flossing are essential to keep your mouth clean. It is also important to visit our office for your regular dental visits so that we can check the condition of your fillings and ensure that you do not have any more cavities.

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"I've had two cleanings and a cavity filled at this dentist now and they're the best I've ever been to. Everyone that works there is great, and Peter has awesome bedside manner. He explains everything he's doing, and takes his time to ensure that you know everything about your dental health."

Matthew D.

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"If I could give this office 10 stars, I would! Dr. Cecchini and Dr. Hammes are both so knowledgeable and truly a talented team. I felt completely at ease under Dr. Cecchini’s care. The office has the latest technology, and the rest of the staff along with Sue, the hygienist, are all top notch. I will definitely be back!"

Torey S.
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