High Quality Dental Treatments with Digital Dental X-Rays in West Loop Chicago, IL

Regular visits to the dentist are important to detect potential dental problems that you might be experiencing, and certain diagnostic tools can be helpful during this process. At Washington Dental Care, we use digital dental x-rays to provide high quality treatments and diagnostics to every patient that visits our office.

Why Do We Use Digital Dental Radiography?

Digital Dental X-RaysDuring your dental exam, Dr. Peter Hammes and other members of our experienced team will do a visual inspection of your teeth and gums. But, it is difficult to get a complete picture about your overall dental health without seeing details that are going on under the surface. The outside of your teeth might look fine, but certain types of disease and damage can’t be seen unless additional diagnostic tools are used.

Digital dental x-rays are often used during regular dental examinations, as well as any other situations where additional information is needed about your dental health. It is more efficient to use digital x-rays instead of the old format of film prints, because the images can be pulled up on a computer screen and used in a number of different ways.

Dental x-rays use low levels of radiation, but they are safe. They provide important information to the dentist, such as identifying new cavities, evaluating the health of your gums, and looking at the growth of teeth.

How Often Do You Need Digital Dental X-Rays?

The frequency of digital x-rays depends on your health, age, and risk for dental disease. Your dentist will help by evaluating your individual situation to make recommendations about how often you should have x-rays. It is common for a dentist to take digital x-rays during the first visit with a new patient, and then additional x-rays will be taken on a periodic basis during checkups and examinations.

Because low levels of radiation are used for the x-rays, it is important that you tell the dental staff if you are pregnant or have any other health conditions that might be impacted by the radiation. When the x-rays at taken, a leaded apron is used to protect your body from the radiation in order to minimize exposure.

Overall, dental x-rays are very beneficial because of the information that is available to the dental staff. By using this advanced diagnostic tool, it is possible to identify potential dental health problems during the early stages, so that the treatments can be done before bigger problems develop in the future. If you have questions about x-rays or any of the other diagnostic methods that we use, we invite you to contact us anytime.