Routine Checkups and Teeth Cleaning in West Loop Chicago, IL

Maintaining routine checkups with the dentist is the foundation to protecting your dental health. If you want to maintain a beautiful smile for many years, then you need to make sure that it is a priority to visit the dentist on a regular basis for routine check ups. In most situations, it is recommended to have a dental exam and teeth cleaning every six months.

What to Expect During Routine Dental Check Ups

The goal of a routine checkup is to check the health of your teeth and detect potential dental problems before they turn into bigger issues in the future. During this exam, the dental hygienist and dentist will complete a thorough examination of your mouth. These are some of the things that might happen during your examination:

  • Dental CheckupsTeeth and gums are inspected for signs of gum disease and tooth decay
  • An oral cancer screening is completed
  • Digital x-rays are used to get a closer look at the health of your mouth
  • Teeth cleaning will be done to remove tartar
  • Your teeth will be flossed and polished
  • Fluoride is applied to strengthen your teeth
  • A treatment plan is discussed if additional services are needed

Routine checkups provide an opportunity for you to talk with dental professionals about your individual situation to learn more about the treatments that might be needed to protect your health. During this discussion, you might talk about overall health and wellness, because your daily habits can have a direct impact on the health of your teeth. For example, the hygienist or dentist might ask about the types of foods that you are eating, supplements that are used, and medications that you are taking.

Regular Tooth Cleaning – Dentist West Loop

Even if you brush and floss consistently, it is possible that tartar can build up on your teeth over time. By removing the tartar, you can protect your teeth and prevent bigger problems in the future. Tartar build up can increase the likelihood of gum disease and other dental problems. If a lot of tartar has accumulated on the surface of the teeth, then deep teeth cleaning might be needed to remove the buildup.

One of the benefits of routine dental check ups is that you will have the opportunity to learn more about maintaining good dental health. Your dentist and hygienist can make recommendations about your dental habits, so that you can follow the daily habits that will protect your teeth and gums.

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