Why Do I Have Wisdom Tooth Pain?

July 21, 2017

If you’re experiencing wisdom tooth pain in West Town, you’re probably wondering why wisdom teeth cause so much discomfort. Why do you have to get surgery anyway? Can’t this whole process be avoided somehow? Unfortunately for all but a lucky few of us, wisdom tooth removal is a likely reality for those of us who want to avoid wisdom tooth pain in West Town.

To shed some light on the subject, we’ll review the three common ways that wisdom teeth cause pain.


Pericoronitis is a dental disorder where the gum tissue becomes swollen and infected around the wisdom teeth1. When your wisdom teeth partially break through your gum line, the opening is vulnerable to bacteria and food. This food and bacteria become entrapped under the gum, abscess formation develops2. The resulting inflammation and infection is what we call pericoronitis. It causes pain and swelling and may spread if it’s not treated.

Impacted Teeth

When wisdom teeth come up against bone or other teeth that stop them from coming in, the teeth become “impacted.” Impacted teeth don’t always cause pain, so many people don’t realize they have wisdom teeth until they get an x-ray from their dentist.

Decay, Infection, Damaged Teeth

Even if you are currently experiencing no wisdom tooth pain in West Town, wisdom teeth can cause other problems. For example, the teeth surrounding the wisdom teeth are more vulnerable to decay, infection, and other damage. The resulting damage and infections can often be painful.

Sometimes, dentists may recommend getting your wisdom teeth removed even when you have no pain. This might seem unnecessary, but it’s important to note that preventing wisdom tooth pain is just as important as treating it.

Additionally, the roots of your teeth are far less developed when you are younger. Less-developed roots make it easier for your dentist to remove the wisdom teeth which makes your recovery less painful.

Some of us are born without wisdom teeth or we’re lucky enough to have mouths large enough to fit the additional teeth. For the rest of us, it’s vital to have a trained dentist monitor the progress of your incoming wisdom teeth.

If you’re experiencing wisdom tooth pain in West Town, give the dental professionals at Washington Dental Care a call. We perform all the services you’ll need—from x-rays to tooth extractions—to put an end to your wisdom tooth pain. You can contact us on the web, or give us a call at (312) 624-8070.

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