Wisdom Tooth Extraction Services

Your wisdom teeth, which are also called the third molars, typically develop during a person’s latter teen years or in their early twenties. Many people will have four wisdom teeth; however, it may be possible to have more or even none. When the teeth are properly aligned, removing the wisdom teeth will not be necessary. However, this is typically not the case. Most individuals don’t have jawbones that are big enough to comfortably hold all four of the emerging teeth. This can create several uncomfortable issues.

In most cases, you will need our services for wisdom tooth extraction. We provide these services to individuals in the areas of West Loop and West Town in Chicago.

Why Is It Necessary to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Since the wisdom teeth are the last ones to develop, there is a chance you may not have enough room to allow them to erupt the way they should. They may try to come in partially or sideways, or they could become impacted, causing swelling, overcrowding, infection, and pain. In some cases, we can remove just one wisdom tooth, while some people should have all four taken out.

Serving West Loop, West Town area in Chicago

If you need wisdom tooth extraction, call us to set up an appointment today. We service everyone in the West Loop and West Town area in Chicago. We can help alleviate pain and prevent serious issues related to the wisdom teeth from occurring.