Accelerated Invisalign Enhances Tooth Straightening Treatments

Invisalign is a powerful tooth straightening process that is used by many adults and adolescents. Traditional Invisalign services require a person to wear a series of clear, plastic aligners that are changed out every two weeks until the desired outcome is achieved. In about half of the cases, there will be some additional aligners made at the end of the original treatment to “fine-tune” the final tooth position.

The treatment period varies based on a person’s situation. For those who want to have achieve the quickest results, there is a new, faster version to try called Accelerated Invisalign. At Washington Dental Care, we offer this service.

Understanding Accelerated Invisalign West Loop

The accelerated process only takes five minutes a day when wearing the accelerated Invisalign aligners. It works by creating subtle vibrations in the mouth and increasing the bone metabolism. This allows for faster movement of the teeth. All you do is wear the vibrating mouthpiece, and it will work directly with the traditional Invisalign aligners.

This procedure and the realignment of your bone structure can help reduce the amount of time the treatment takes. Additionally, it can help minimize the discomfort you may otherwise feel while your teeth move.

Is Accelerated Invisalign Right for You?

Accelerated Invisalign is not a procedure that is right for everyone. Our dentists will provide a thorough evaluation to determine if it could be beneficial for you. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, contact us today.

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