How Accelerated Invisalign Works: Stimulating Bone Remodeling Cells

August 23, 2017

Even with big advances in the field of orthodontics, researchers have struggled to find a way to shorten the amount of time it takes for Invisalign and braces to correct teeth. In recent years, two evidence-based methods to accelerate tooth correction have emerged that are utilized by Washington Dental Care.

But what are these methods, and how do they work? Most importantly, are they painful?

Micro-Osteoperforation (MOP)

Despite the intimidating name, MOP is a minimally-invasive procedure. Patients who undergo MOP have little discomfort and zero recovery time, meaning you can get back to your daily routine immediately after treatment.

But how does it work?

MOP is when, under simple local anesthesia, your dentist makes strategic 2-3mm diameter dimples in the bone and gum tissue between the teeth that require the most movement. These dimples stimulate the bone surrounding the neighboring teeth. The result is that the bone allows for easier and quicker movement of your teeth. This is especially useful for adults seeking accelerated Invisalign in West Loop by reducing their Invisalign case time by as much as 50%.

Cyclic Loading (Vibration)

This technique simply applies small vibrations combined with orthodontics to produce a 48% increase in tooth correction, according to this study.

The same study also concluded that the technique is safe and suitable for patients. Additionally, patients reported minimal discomfort associated with the vibration devices.

The Benefits of Accelerated Invisalign in West Loop

With cyclic loading and MOP, you can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend at your orthodontist appointments, which means you save time and money. Not only that, the reduced time it takes for accelerated Invisalign to do its work means your teeth end up healthier and whiter.

MOP can also be applied to traditional braces, not just Invisalign. That way, whether you have Invisalign or traditional braces, you won’t miss out on the new, time-saving convenience of MOP.

If you’re interested in learning more about accelerated Invisalign in West Loop, give the dental professionals at Washington Dental Care a call. We have the well-trained professionals you’ll need to ensure your orthodontics are taken care of efficiently and comfortably.

You can contact us on the web, or give us a call at (312) 624-8070.


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